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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add more users later?

Yes! You can add as many MOP users needed to run your operation.  Please refer to the “how to enter your staff into MOP” video under the Video Tutorials.

Can I customize my Room PM list?

Yes! Simply email [email protected]com and provide us with the information you want  to add and or remove and we’ll take care of the rest.

How can I reach technical support?

You can reach technical support by email at: [email protected]com or call 888-222-1179

Is the information typed in the note field automatically translated?

No. Not at this time

Does the site have multiple languages?

Yes! Our platform currently includes 3 languages, English, Spanish and Gujarati.

Can I add more rooms and or other locations to my existing rooms/areas list?

Yes! simply email us at [email protected]com or call 888-222-1179 with the room number and room descriptor as listed in your PMS system and we’ll add it to your rooming list.  You can also tell us what areas you would like added and we can create that too.

Is MOP a mobile app?

No. MOP is a web-based system. We are in the Cloud, no downloads necessary.

What type of devices should I use?

You can use any device that is WiFi compatible. We recommend that you acquire devices that have 3.8” to 5.0″ screens for room attendants and maintenance staff, and an inexpensive 7” tablet for your executive housekeeper.

Where can I find devices to use with MOP

Devices can found in many places, i.e. Best Buy, Frye’s Electronics, Walmart, etc. We recommend purchasing prepaid phones from places like Walmart. However, you can only purchase 2 per customer, per day.

Do I need to purchase a service plan for my devices?

No. You do not need to purchase a cellular plan for your devices. MOP will utilize your hotel’s WiFi.

Can my staff use their personal cell phones with MOP?

Yes! However, we do not recommend that you allow your staff to use their personal devices. Should they get damaged while working, your staff may hold you accountable for replacement of their device.